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28 agosto, 2017

Easy recipe Pear and Honey Crepes

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Ingredients to cook Pear and Honey Crepes

Easy recipe Pear and Honey Crepes

Easy recipe Pear and Honey Crepes

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Crepes of Pear, Mandarin and Honey (Thermomix / Manual)
Mass for the crepes

50 grs butter
500 grs. milk
200 grs. of water
250 grs of flour
4 eggs
1 pinch of salt




In this easy recipe we will tell you in principle how to make a rich crepes, we will tell you how to make the dough, then you can fill the crepes with salty or sweet products. We decided today to make a rich dessert with pears, mandarins and honey. Here we leave you this rich and tasty recipe.
How to cook the recipe Pear and Honey Crepes

In the first place we will begin by taking out all our ingredients
The mass of these crepes we made with our kitchen robot Thermomix, easy recipes but the mixture can be made equally in our usual pots, following the same step.

In the mixing bowl, we introduce the butter and melt 2min / 70ºC vel 2.

Add milk, water, flour, eggs, salt and mix. 20 sec./vel 4. The dough should have a consistency of liquid cream.

Let stand at least 30 minutes before use.

Meanwhile we will prepare the filling. We will leave a pear sliced ​​removing the seeds, peel a tangerine and remove the segments. In a sarte we will butter and then the fruit, when it starts to brown we will throw two tablespoons of honey and we will retire.
Once the time has passed, the dough must be ready. In a pan we will have a little butter on medium heat, melt and with a small saucepan tilting the pan on all sides to completely cover the base.

Leave it for 2-3 minutes or until the edges are slightly browned. Turn the crepe over and make it another minute.



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