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1 septiembre, 2017

Easy recipe Coffee Flan

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Ingredients to cook this easy recipe Coffee Flan

Liquid cream
4 Eggs
Lemon juice

Easy recipe Coffee Flan

Easy recipe Coffee Flan

That rich dessert the flan, today we are going to make one also very traditional that comes out very rich, is easy and good, we are going to integrate liquid coffee and cream, two ingredients that will make of it a spectacular dessert. Here we give you our easy recipe so you can prepare it, one of the most delicious and easy homemade recipes.
How to prepare Coffee Flan

We will start preparing a good caramel with which we will bathe our flan, to realize it we will put in a saucepan like 150 grs of sugar, a small spoonful of lemon juice, and four spoonfuls of water. We move the mixture in the saucepan once we have put it on the fire. When the caramel turns to a golden color, we move away from the fire.

We will put the caramel throwing spoonfuls in the molds where later they will deposit our cream to make the flan.

Then put in the saucepan as half a liter of milk and put on medium heat.

In a coffee maker we will prepare coffee and pour a cup and incorporate a brick of liquid cream to cook like another half liter.

The next step is to take 4 eggs and cascamos in a bowl, add 150 grams of sugar and beat well to be mixed.

This mixture is blended with milk, coffee and cream at room temperature. We move everything well. We take a colander and we fill the molds with the mixture of eggs and milk.

In the oven about 160 degrees above and below.

In a deep oven tray we pour water and proceed to put the stuffed molds inside it, we put to the oven and cook to the water bath about 40 minutes.

After that time we take out, let cool and put in the fridge.

At the moment of serving we demold in a dish that we can accompany with a good stream of cream.


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