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2 septiembre, 2017

Easy recipes Stuffed oranges

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Ingredients to cook Easy recipes Stuffed oranges

5 Oranges
6 Buds
A glass and a half of orange juice
Half Liter of Milk
80 grs of Maizena
1 glass of sugar
Pure Chocolate 70%
Unsalted butter
Whipped cream
Liquid candy


Easy recipes Stuffed oranges

Easy recipes Stuffed oranges

A real dessert treat, oranges stuffed, that our friend José Gómez Cambres has sent us from Valencia, thank you again for your collaboration and above all we can try this wonderful dish. We hope you will do the same and we will get the same result as we do. A dessert for gods. Let’s tell you the recipe.
Preparation for the Easy recipes Stuffed oranges

First cut the oranges above as with a small hat, we will start emptying the pulp.

In a saucepan we will pour the milk, the sugar and the orange juice. Add diluted cornstarch to ensure that it has no lumps and egg yolks. We will put on average fire and we will not stop to stir so that it does not burn, when thick we proceed to withdraw and let cool.

Then we put in a bowl the chocolate and a spoon of butter and we melt it to the Bath Maria.

We begin to fill the oranges, first pouring the chocolate and then the cream made, leaving like a finger to the end to finish filling with cream, caramelized walnuts and liquid caramel.

An easy recipe but a spectacular result. Very good stuffed oranges.



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