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7 septiembre, 2017

Recipes Butter cookies

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This recipes is a traditional butter cookies are delicious to eat, and you do not need to be an expert baker to prepare them yourself. With this recipes you can make these cookies anytime you feel like it. We prepare them constantly at home.

Ingredients of Butter Cookies recipes



– 350 grams of baking flour
– 300 grams of butter
250 grams of sugar
– Two large eggs
– A little cinnamon powder
– A pinch of salt

Preparation of Butter Cookies Recipes


The butter cookies that we are going to prepare with this recipe are those of a lifetime, the authentic Danish cookies that we have all eaten. Who does not remember those decorated tin boxes stuffed with tasty cookies? You will see how simple it is to prepare them in your kitchen, in a short time and with few ingredients. We put the recipe, read carefully to make it perfect.

We advise you to always have all the ingredients prepared, that is, measured and heavy ones that are necessary and all by hand, so that the processing is fast and that we do not forget any of the ingredients. In this case the butter and eggs should be outside the refrigerator to use at room temperature, so keep that in mind and remove them first.

Let’s take a large container where we can beat the ingredients, either with manual or automatic rods. The second option is always faster, with which you can also get a better mix of everything. We are going to use a kneader with rods.

The first thing that we have to pour in the glass will be the butter next to the sugar, and we will beat until they are integrated forming a creamy mass. Once this is done, we will add the eggs, again beating with the rods until the mass that is obtained is homogeneous and where everything is well mixed.

In a separate container we have to sift the flour, so that we can filter the impurities or lumps that may have, since the flour usually cakes with time and we do not want to find those annoying lumps then in the cookies. Once sieved, we add it little by little in the glass where we beat all the above, and we use the rods again to blend perfectly. Add a touch of cinnamon powder, one or two teaspoons, depending on whether you want a more or less intense flavor. In the end it has to remain a perfectly homogeneous and somewhat sticky dough.

Let’s knead it with your hands, with patience and care, for a few minutes. Use some flour so you do not stick the dough in your hand. At the end, make a ball with it, or two to make it more manageable, and put each one in baking paper. Cover with this paper and stretch using a kitchen roller. When you have them well extended, let them stand for an hour or so, better if you put them in the refrigerator.

When that time passes, start the oven and put it at 180ºC, with the heat both above and below. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and spread it a little more with the roll, until leaving it of the thickness that we will give to the cookies. It is very important not to make them too thick, because we will be raw inside, but not too thin, because we would be hard. A thickness of about 5-7 millimeters is convenient. Maybe the first time is not perfect, but if you are noting the measurements and the times of baking, you will be improving in the following times.

Remove the baking paper from the top of the cookies, and with the help of a few cookie doughs, begin to cut the dough to get the cookies. As you cut them place them in the oven tray where you will bake. When the oven has reached 180ºC, put the tray with the biscuits and bake them for about 15-20 minutes, as each oven is different and can vary slightly from one to another. When the cookies are browned in the center and somewhat darker by the edges, they are at their point. Take them out and let them cool on top of a rack, so that the bottom part will breathe.

And you have ready these great butter cookies, traditional and simple to prepare. If you want you can add some adornment, like sugar glaze, although they are already delicious to eat.


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